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Every little change we make helps us to play our part in a more sustainable future for everyone.  With community and the environment at the heart of our core values, we understand how everyday operations at The Castle Hotel can impact the local community and we take the responsibility to mitigate that impact very seriously.


As we take steps along our sustainability journey, we will continually look to improve, make sustainable choices and embed sustainable practices across everything we do and the way that every person in our team thinks.  We will:

  • Work diligently to minimise our waste and conserve natural resources, particularly through energy and water conservation.
  • Partner with Greenview who monitor our energy and water use and calculate our waste. They help us to record our sustainability initiatives and also work out our energy usage per bedroom and per guest to enable us to set specific energy saving targets.
  • Reduce and measure our CO2 emissions on an annual basis using the Hotel Carbon Management Initiative (HCMI) measuring tool.
  • Aim to become single-use plastic free across our hotel.
  • Reduce use of pollutants and harmful chemicals both outside and inside our hotels. Wherever possible making sure cleaning materials are eco-friendly.
  • Sign the Tourism Declares Climate Emergency declaration to show our shared commitment to unite all stakeholders in transforming tourism to deliver effective climate action.

Sourcing locally

Our menus are crammed full of quality ingredients produced by suppliers based locally to Royal Windsor and Berkshire.  Our responsible sourcing makes a significant reduction to our carbon footprint and contributes back into our local community and regional economy. It also means our seasonal dishes are bursting with quality flavours which adds to the overall dining experience.

Take for example Darvilles of Windsor tea, a local family-run business since 1860 that also supply Windsor Castle with tea too.  The eggs that you will find served at breakfast are also supplied by local Beechwood Farm.  These free range eggs are usually in our kitchen 36 hours after being laid making them a deliciously fresh way to start your day.

We recognise there is a growing need to provide plant-based and vegetarian options on our menu to help guests stick to a healthier lifestyle and lower our impact on the planet. You will find Leaf has various delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options for you to dine on.

Giving back with your feedback

Feedback about your visit means everything to us. It helps us to know what we are doing right and learn from any mistakes we may make. And, every time you give us feedback (good or constructive) either via an online site or by direct email to us, then we will plant a tree with our partner More Trees and support their tree planting and community programmes in North Haiti, East Kenya and Madagascar.  It is a little way of us continuing to make small steps towards a greater change for our planet.

With guest experience, community and sustainability such a key part of everything we do, our give back for feedback initiative combines all three elements seamlessly together.  Ask a member of the team about this initiative during your next stay or head to a review site now to leave a review.


The Castle Hotel plays a pivotal part in the local community.  We are key partners to the local tourism board Royal Windsor & Maidenhead Borough who drive visitors into our local region and we are proud to support and partner with local attractions such as the Theatre Royal, Windsor.

Green Tourism

To promote a greener, cleaner environment for people, places and our plants we are involved with the Green Tourism Accreditation programme and are pleased to have recently been awarded the gold award for our work. The Green Tourism programme is acknowledged worldwide as an indicator of a good environmentally friendly practice.

Green Tourism Focuses on:

  • Reducing energy use.
  • Saving water.
  • Efficient and eco-friendly waste disposal.
  • Ethical buying.
  • Staying local and seasonal.
  • Minimising food miles.
  • Promoting biodiversity.
  • Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom.
  • Helping to conserve local heritage.


We support a number of local charities with their events.  For the past two years our local charity of the year has been Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice where we organised a number of initiatives such as joining their annual Christmas Santa dash and hosting the Alexander Devine annual charity dinner. Our new charity for 2024 will be Thames Hospice and the team are looking forward to supporting them this year.

How you can play your part

You can help us and play your part on our journey.  Here are some ideas of how, including suggestions for low-carbon-impacting activities during your stay:

  • Where feasible, travel to the hotel by train or local bus. We are just a short walk from both Windsor Riverside and Windsor & Eton train stations which connect quickly to London mainline stations.
  • If you are hiring a car, choose electric, you can charge at our EV charging point.
  • Travel around the local area on two wheels. We have a couple of bikes at the hotel which are available to hire at £40 per bike per day.  Speak to the team about booking these for local bike tours. 
  • Separate your waste. We provide bins that made it easier to separate waste so that we can recycle anything paper, glass or plastic.
  • Enjoy our local region and explore new areas. There a number of wonderful walks close by along the River Thames or surround yourself by royalty by a walk down the famous Long Walk or through Windsor’s Great Park.
  • Dine with us and enjoy our locally sourced produce.  cannot wait to welcome you.

If you would like to give us feedback about any of our green initiatives or ideas that you might have, we welcome your feedback. Simply click here to share it with us.